Image: © NBSG Malcolm Fisher
Image: © Bat Conservation Trust Hugh Clark
Image: © NBSG
Who we are

The Norfolk Barbastelle Study Group is a specialist group that studies the distribution of Barbastelle bats in Norfolk.

The Barbastelle is a medium sized bat weighing 6-13 gms with a wingspan of 26-29 cms. Its distinctive features are the dark brown/black fur with yellow or cream tips giving it a frosted appearance, and its short, flat face (pug like) with large, almost square ears joined together at the forehead.

Our work

The information that the group collects is shared widely and is used for a diverse range of purposes, including:

  • Targeted advice to landowners and managers enabling them to conserve bats on their land
  • Information for planning authorities regarding species distribution and ecological requirements
  • Advice to Government Agencies to inform National policy decisions and local actions
  • Information on the distribution of bats in Norfolk to Norfolk Biological Records Centre

2013 Plans

In 2013, we are planning a radio tracking study at Ken Hill, Snettisham.

Mass emergence counts and transect surveys will also be on our schedule. We are also planning to run a few training sessions looking into call recognition in the field with duets and anabat data recognition later in the year.

Contact Us

The group needs help from the local area to carry out this research.

If you would you like to contribute to the study of the Barbastelle please contact Katherine Boughey at

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